How Cakey Boo took over the world!

One snowy morning a normal girl called Caitlin was playing with her friends Flo, Sarah and Bea Caitlin started going crazy saying boo boo boo boo boo I love cake! Sarah and Flo started chanting Cakey boo Cakey boo until bea suddenly said "I know Caitlin can be called Cakey boo!" we all agreed. Even Caitlin! Caitlin started saying Cakey boo to Flo, Sarah and Bea. They became hypnoticed and started calling her master and my lord! She did that to the whole school including the teachers so she even managed to sneak in the palace and hypnotice every one in the palace even the queen herself! So it's obvious how she took over isn't it I mean with everyone at her command who would rule the world?

Written by Sarah.