A day in the life of an entrepreneur

We are a group of 11 years old pupils from YR6 pupils who attend Pentre’r Graig Primary school Morriston, Swansea. Over the past few weeks our class have been participating in an enterprise project to boost our business skills, ready for the adult world. We decided to base our project on ww2, so we created carrot cookies and bread and butter pudding using WWII ration recipies. Besides the fact I have no experience of being an entrepreneur, I took the opportunity and participated well.

In the early construction of our company, we knew there were going to be challenges ahead of us, therefore needed to work together as a team to make our business a success.

Firstly, we split into teams so that everyone would get a say what they were developing. With a visit from Mrs. Bowen (from Gower college),we finally decided on a catchy, bold company name of Pentre’r Bake! Some children created stickers, others made posters, and some designed banners for our stall. We thought about a slogan too, which included alliteration and rhyming. Eventually, we came up with ‘ration with a passion’

Once all of our products were ready, we costed out the prices with the help of Mr.Williams from Lloyds bank. We agreed to sell the packs of carrot cookies for £1.20 and the bread and butter pudding for £2 – giving us a profit of 60p for each bag of cookies and a profit of £1.20 for each bread and butter pudding. We estimated our overall profit would be around £40.

When the day for selling our products eventually came, we made our way to Swansea Market. Together, we set up our stall, then split into different teams again. One group was selling, whilst other groups went around the market advertising the products by politely handing leaflets. As we are very persistent, even when we got rejected, we didn’t give up and kept on going around asking people to consider buying our carrot cookies and bread and butter pudding. After a busy day ( well actually we sold all of our stock within 3 hours) we made our way back to school, counted our money and worked out that we had made as profit of £43.12

Having had the opportunity to create a business, we have gained many valuable experiences which will allow many of us to follow our dreams in the future – such as problem solving, working as team, creating a business plan, market research, costings and communication skills. And not forgetting the confidence to talk in front of an audience.

Thank you for listening.

Yr6 Pentre’r Bakers