Flapping in the wind, she took the sodden plan inside her lighthouse. Out of the rain, Helen took a look at the plan. One word in particular stood out to her...DEATH.

Reading through the whole text, she looked at who had signed it: Katrina. That girl was her older sister and they were very close. The fact that she was dead was a great shock but the plan also was. All of Katrina's hard work just to be destroyed by what Katrina called 'Sea pirates'. How scary it must be to battle them.

Flying at 5000 feet above sea level, Helen was in a Harrier jump jet. It was fully loaded and both the rainmaker system and the gun system were live. Facing up against three F-37 Lightnings and three Eurostar Typhoons, she was outnumbered but luckily they weren't fully loaded. She had more ammunition.

The war had commenced. The Eurofighters had opened fire and Helen was being shot at. The F-37s had turned on their afterburners and were breaking the speed of sound. They were going way too fast for her to hit or them to hit her. One of the Typhoons ceased fire and shot off into the horizon with a bang before plummeting to the ground. She had hit one. Helen pulled up into a loop and opened fire; both of the remaining Eurofighters were out of the sky with another bang. Now only the F-37s remained.

At last, she had located one. Helen pushed down on the throttle and chased them. One missile after another. One plane out of the sky, one after another. Only one plane remained in the air. It was an agile, skilful pilot who, unfortunately, still had some ammunition. BANG!



She didn't want any of that to come true but she couldn't let her sister down. She set off right away to Dead Man's Beach to try to find the parts required. Luckily, she had a workshop underneath her lighthouse which would be useful for assembling the rainmaker.

Most of the parts were found except one, H2O, but she had some at her house. After gathering all the parts and walking along the sandy, dusty path back to her lighthouse, Helen started assembling her rainmaker. Once assembled, she went out for a test run using one of her two Harrier jump jets. After an hour of flying, she found what she wanted: a cloud.

Turning on her rainmaker, she approached the cloud. Once live, there was a clunk and then a very loud BANG! The rainmaker had malfunctioned and caught fire. An orange flame trailed the Harrier jet as black smoke was behind the burst of red flames. Wishing she had checked the machine as she had now wasted a plane and parts, she ejected into the blue. Almost instantly, her parachute shot out of her backpack as Helen floated graciously back down onto solid ground. The test run had failed as an orange ball of fire crashed into the sand on the horizon and exploded. Just like Katrina when she hit the big sea pirate plane in the ground. Helen would have to start all over again from the beginning. It was just lucky she had two planes.