Good morning Year One!

We hope you enjoyed your learning yesterday. Here is a written account of your timetable for today. You can start by watching me on the video explaining to you all our activities in order. We usually start our day with Joe Wicks, so let's get our bodies moving.

After P.E you have Literacy and the video for you has been prepared by Mrs. Leow- Clifford. You will also have writing sheets in your pack so you can easily follow your lesson. After Literacy is Maths and we are continuing with Compared statements. Watch the video lesson on the next page and don't forget to check your answers from yesterday's lesson here:

Now is the Lunch time. Make sure you have a good rest so you can join us for a very interesting afternoon.

We start our afternoon with Phonics Sessions ( there are 2 videos accompanying this session.) Today's sound is the 'qu' sound, you have lots of words to practice it. Give it a go and write some of the words in your own sentences. Next is Reading and you need to choose a book from the Reading Owl website. Please let us know if you need your colour band, our email is

We will finish our afternoon with a Geography lesson. Can you remember our Topic?......

Of course, it is called "Where do you live?" and last time you sent us amazing drawings of your UK maps. Please remember to send your photos to

Today we are learning about Landmarks. Watch the video to find out more!

Have a wonderful day!

Ms. Boric and Mrs. Leow Clifford