Spring Term II

Our theme and focus for this half term is called.......


This project has a science focus and teaches children about different types and parts of plants, flowers and vegetables, their life cycles and what they need to grow. At the heart of this project children will write instructional texts including those using ICT and develop additional skills in letter writing and reporting on a variety of themes relating to the project. In the Innovate Stage children apply their skills and understanding by setting up a ‘vegetable cooperative’ working with parents or community groups.

In this project the children will learn:

• About the biology of a range of plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables - their uses and the conditions needed for growth;

• About issues of sustainability and how they are practised in the local community and local farming;

• How to plant seeds, rear and harvest them.


Spelling & Sentence work /Mini-Saga – given on Mondays returned on the following Monday

Project – Make an instruction booklet for growing your favourite plant or vegetable. You could also include any recipes that your favourite vegetable could be used in. We will invite parents and other adults to buy the instructional booklets. Share ideas and tips about growing.

Be INNOVATIVE. Good luck !!

To be successful in this task the booklet must be:

Clearly written

Illustrated ( labelled diagrams etc)

Neatly coloured

Mathematics – Multiplication tables & hard copies of work to complement maths taught in class.

Home Reading – We expect your child to read regularly at home.

Dates for your diary:

March 10th – Tag rugby Festival £2.00

Reading and Numeracy Test will be held between May 3rd – 10th May All pupils will be expected to be in school during this period.


Mrs Davies