Where hero's meet

From Caitlin's idea of the Adventures of the Veggie Empire and George's idea of the Adventures of the Chocolate Empire collide for the second blog.

One morning Jelly and Sconey woke to the morning sun and the chill of the morning breeze .Then Jelly saw Sconey was calling her. Why would a stranger be calling me? thought Jelly "Helloo" said Jelly in her singing voice, "Who is it."

"Hello," said Sconey "Is anybody there?"

"Yes, It's Jelly speaking" answered Jelly in her sweetest voice, "Who are you."

"I'm Sconey,I know you your Jelly because you encouraged to be the saviour of my city.I was the guy in the newspaper in every town and city because I want to take after you, can we be friends since we are both saviours of all of our friends and foes so can we?" asked Sconey.

"OK, but don't let me down," answered Jelly only just making up her mind, and that was the end of the call. So both of them put down the phone and got ready for the day ahead of them.

Sconey moved first as he was super hungry.So he walked droopily out of the room and descended the stairs ; walked to the kitchen and poured a normal amount of Cookie Crisps ceareal. Then he sat down on the leather seating on the chair and rapped himself in his hoodie thinking of his new friend and how much fun they would have together.Then he went back to eating his ceareal and waiting for the time to leave.

Next to move was Jelly, she wasn't hungry because she had a big party the other night so she rolled out of bed and woblled down the stairs to watch her favourite show:Money busters. Then she watched all the 3rd series of Blue Planet on Netflix.

Then after a few relaxed chilled hour the time had come to go out ,

Jelly put on her cardigan and he flipflops on and opened the door she

took a step outside and shut the door.

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