Dear All,

All KS2 children can take part in constructing the Celtic Roundhouse which we are building in the Environmental Area. So far, the children in Key Stage 2 have cleared the site, cut down trees, broken up rocks, built foundations, constructed the walls and secured the supporting roof beams (this can all be seen on the 'Let's Get Creative' blog on the website).

We are currently repairing and strengthening the wattle and daub walls. This includes applying a mixture of earth and cow dung!We will be working on the house on Monday 1st October. If you would like your child to take part, please provide old clothes and wellies and fill out the permission slip below. Due to the nature of the material we are working with, your child will not be permitted to take part without a permission slip and change of clothes. This is not compulsory. If you child does not wish to take part in this section of the build, they will still get an opportunity to join in at a later date.

We will provide waterproof trousers and gloves.On Tuesday and Wednesday this week, adult volunteers will be harvesting water reed at Nancemellyn Marsh. This will be hard, muddy work, but waders will be provided!!! We are hoping to harvest enough water reed to thatch the roof of our hut. If you would like to or could possible help by taking part, please get in contact ASAP with either myself or Miss Roberson!


-I give permission for my child_____________________________________to take part in the Celtic Hut activity. I understand that this will involve using cow dung.Signed_____________________________________________Date_______MUST BE RETURNED BY NEXT MONDAY 1st OCTIBER