Our Young Consultants are working hard at the moment with Lee Jowett, Leicester City Council's Environmental Education Coordinator, (and his crack squad of polar bears!) to achieve the Eco-Schools Award.

We've done an Eco-Audit of the school and identified areas we need to work on. Lee is helping us draw up an Action Plan.

As part of our work, the Key Stage 2 Young Consultants prepared an assembly with Lee.

Our Key Stage 2 Assembly Team

Very well done to the whole team, but especially to Ayesha who wrote and directed the assembly.

Thank you for doing your bit to save the planet!!

The Young Consultants have access to live energy readings of the school's gas, electricity and water usage and shared it with us!

They have asked the other children to create some energy saving posters and stickers to remind us to save water and energy.

Lee showed a very interesting video about global warming and reminded us why it was so important to reduce our energy use.