Strange star seen hurtling towards Earth

People of England are confused by a star from the constellation of Orion, a giant hunter, turning bigger and bigger everyday. Astronomers are slightly baffled but have only one explanation. The star is coming to Earth. According to the astronomers, it is coming to Earth at a fast speed. Last week, it had stopped growing bigger or coming to Earth in this case and a black speck is becoming bigger and bigger at an alarmingly fast rate. Astronomers have no clue of what it is and why it is coming. It is a red star and has been an none importance until this situation has started and is billions and trillions of years old. It used to be just a tiny star but now it is a big matter. It is a big, red star which is the size of the moon and is travelling faster than any meteoroid that has previously existed in the entire human timeline.

What do you think the red star and the black speck are?