World War 2

The London Blitz

In the first half-term we researched World War 2; We watched a film about life in London during the blitz and looked at a map of where the bombs fell in London and we found out that Laycock street was not bombed but many of the streets around Islington were.

This half-term we have been using minecraft to learn about how it felt to be in the London blitz in 1940.

We built a London street, we split into groups and each group made a house. When we had finished the scaffolding was removed and we finished off our houses before World War 2 started. As soon as we finished building our houses, we had to listen out for the sirens. If we heard them, we had to rush to shelter. If we didn't get there on time, we might get bombed. It wasn't that paranormal, since it was just a game, but I wouldn't even be able to imagine what it would be like in real life.