This term the year 6 are studying "Gallery Rebel's", this theme is about the artists who did not follow the natural path of art before them and instead made there own art.

For this theme they wanted to go some where that would fit the Art theme perfectly. They found somewhere locally called "The Oriel Myrddin Gallery" which started as the school of art and Year 6 visited on Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th of June 2017.

The day started when we left from Johnstown School at approximately 9:15, to go on a lovely walk past the river Towy. We first walked past the leisure Center to get to the river Towy and then followed the path. On our way to the Gallery we passed some land with horses, sheep and cattle on it. Everyone enjoyed the walk to the Gallery and when we arrived we were greeted by a smiling Seren. She first told us about some of the history of the building and then brought us inside. Seren let us have a little look around at the modern art, we were all shocked at how different the art was there compared to what we expected to see.

It was fascinating because all the colors were so vibrant and all different shapes. We were asked what was our favorite art work on show and everyone had a different choice. There was a section in the Gallery to do with beaches, there was a glass case full of different items that were found on the beaches such as ; stinky socks, strange spades, a bashed tennis ball and a fork. It really made every one think about whats going on with regards to littering and pollution. There was also little bits of washed up things that have been found on beaches from all over the world. Next Seren asked us to pick an object from the bucket and from the beach, then she asked us to re-create the object in are own eyes.

Sadly, it was time to go back to school the day at the Gallery was amazing. We adventured back from the Gallery, again we went past the horses,the sheep and cattle but this time there was something different by the water. A train above where they were, they ran under the bridge almost like they were trying to catch the train. From our amazing visit the Year 6 children were looking at the scenery from different perspectives.

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Year 6 visit to Oriel Myrddin Gallery

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