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On 4th October, the Year 6 children arrived at school for their once in a lifetime sleepover at school with their classmates! They were joined by a few excited teachers (Miss Metha, Mr Miracapillo, Mrs Bolton, Miss Craig, Mr Booth, Miss Ball) and after setting up their sleeping bags, the enthusiastic children had great fun… IN THE DARK! They were greeted by a blazing fire in the middle of the school playground. After singing a variety of campfire songs - some of which were quite amusing - the year sixes were served with some scrumptious marshmallows. Yum!

Issue 8


Before bedtime, the children were given the treat of watching a movie (The Greatest Showman) whilst eating some delicious pizza and nuggets. Mmmmm! The children really enjoyed the movie but whilst the characters were getting their happily ever after, they started to feel a little sleepy and by the end of the movie the Year 6 students were racing to get to bed! The night was really peaceful...unless you count the people who were snoring! One young man even started to read a book at midnight! Bet he was exhausted in the morning!

After a loud chorus of singing in the coach, the children couldn’t wait for the day ahead. To begin with, Trent kayaked while Fleet built rafts. Taminah capsized in the first few seconds followed by Arley and Mathusan! The kayakers tested their skills with games like “Cops and Robbers” and “World Domination”.  

All the Year 6 children and staff were taught how to paddle how to build rafts and how to sit in the correct position whilst paddling. Unfortunately, many fell in anyway.


After lunch together, both classes split up once more to face the next challenge. Mr Miracapillo enjoyed kayaking so much that he decided to do it again! Then the teachers had a relaxing trip on the speedboat while the children were furiously ‘paddling’ - more like tickling -  the water desperate to be the CHAMPIONS!


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