Krista Hammett

New street

Zejtun ztn 2960

19th June 2017

Dear Nicole,

My dear friend Nicole I hope that you and your family feels good! I am waiting your this letter

to tell you about an accident experience I had last time we went for a picnic.

Last month my family and I decided to go for a picnic in Buskett. When we arrived we

Settled down and we put the things and rubbed on our blankets on the soil. With us we had our dog with us

you still remember it Rio ?. Rio wanteds to play so we took off its belt. Rio started

to run all over and it took had so much fun. After a while we have didn't saw see our dog so we started to

looked for it. How sad! I was looking for Rio when I slipped on a rock. Oouch, I it hurt so much.!

When i started to shout and cry, Rio come back. They took me to hospital and the doctor

told me that I had broken my feet foot and I had to stayed in hospital for a week. Then after a

week, I coame back home to rest. I hope that Rio never gets lost again.

Thanks rRegards ,