The book of dust is a book ( volume one - La Belle Sauvage) about a boy called Malcom Polstead and a baby called Lyra whose parents weren't allowed to keep her because of a few violent arguments with people who wanted Lyra as there own. Therefore, she was taken by the office of child protection and housed with a priory where she was looked after the nuns there ( don't worry, this is only briefly explained at the beginning of the story).

This book is linked to the His dark materials series consisting of six books: this is the seventh. Most websites ( including The book trust), recommend this book for ages 13+ as it gets violent and gory but I think that a confident yr6 reader like me could read this. The book also contains amazing illustrations by Chris Wormell just like the book cover below! The worst thing about this book is that it ends on a MASSIVE cliffhanger and the next one comes out in October!