Big Science Quiz

For our science homework, Year 6 made our own science quizzes with 12 questions. Here is a mix up of some of ours:

Round 1: Space

Q1: How long is a light year?

A: 9 trillion km

B: 3 miles

C: 1000 miles

D: 86 trillion km

Q2: Is there sound in space?

A: Yes

B: No

Q3: Which year was Pluto discovered in?

A: 2016

B: 2005

C: 1900

D: 1930

Q4: How many stars are there in the galaxy?

A: Over a billion

B: 100 billion

C: 5 trillion

D: 26 million

Round 2: Biology

Q1: Who was the first person to classify living things?

A: Carl Linnaeus

B: Bob Charleston

C: Aristottle

D: Henry VIII

Q2: Which of the kingdoms below don't exist?

A: Plantae

B: Monera

C: Fungi

D: Phylum