SUGGESTED CATERPILLAR DAILY TIMETABLE, INSTRUCTIONS WITH LEARNING VIDEOS ON PAGE TWO. To navigate to the page 2 videos, scroll down to very bottom of this page then click on the upturned page in the bottom right hand corner.

Joe Wicks video to get the brain going

Phonics video

Letter formation video then practise writing that letter correctly using the video instruction.

Please take a photo of your child's letter formation and name writing practise and email it at a later date to Writing can be done on the mini whiteboard or on paper.

Choose time

Sing the Phase 2 phonics song with the video

Watch the maths video

Choose Time


Additional activity: RE or Super Stretching or cooking or art or singing or Spanish or a family activity

Please take a photo of your child's creative work and email it at a later date to

Story time video read by either a member of the EYFS team or a storyteller from the internet.

End of the day songs

Parents, if it is easier, save up a selection of photos of your child's learning and email them once a week to

Now turn over to page two for the learning videos. P.T.O.