My Mobile Application.

My App Is Created For The Cool Kids That Are Getting Bullied By Disgraseful Bullies And How To Be Safe Online...And To Tell Bullies About How Wrong Bullying Is...This App Is For Kids,Teenagers,Young Adults And Old Adults...Safer you helps others learn the things you should do online and how bullying dosen't help enyone it just makes people sad.This app cares just wants this word safe from bullies so you can show your SAFER self.Nobody wants a bully trashing there life.Bullys are not aloud to say rude things and fight you we just want the world to be safer for you and me.


Safer you includes so many fun and educational things like a video,a quiz and a fun explination.Safer you is for all ages because even adults get bullied so kids you aren't alone.


By:Daniela vieara castro.

Name of application:Safer You.

Always be safe on the internet!