My name is Megan Abram and I am a Papa Smurf.
I recommend all Mr Gum books because they are really fun and exciting.
I Nikola recommend Emily feather because it’s a really interesting story to read it has lots of magic and some secret doors that you will you never think what’s in there.

I really enjoyed reading it because it is full if magic and secrets that are unbelievable to know so if you’ve been her you will run upstairs with tears streaming down your face.

This story is a bit depressing and a bit exciting it is depressing because you will find out so things that you don’t want to know and its exiting because you would really want to know what will happen next an you want to keep on reading .The author is really known its Holly Webb If you would like to know.
Hello my name Is Kelsey Douthwaite

I am going to be recommending George marvellous medicine.


I thought this book is fantastic because when Grandma shouted at George and said were is my medicine so George said it will be done soon

So George brought in the medicine with a full spoon full after 10 minutes she shot up into the air and then George rang the police and the police knocked on the door and said what happened.
Hello I am Brandon and Paul and we recommending Charlie and the chocolate factory because it is peaceful and funny It makes you giggle a lot so if you want a laugh you should read this book!
I am Courtney T

I am recommending Georges Marvellous Medicine.

I liked it because George gave Grandma some of his own made Medicine. After when she had it she shot up into space and she stayed there. Afterwards  he gave a chicken some of it and then it shot up into  space.He gave Grandma some more and she got smaller and smaller and smaller.His Mum put her in her hand and she didn’t know where she were. After someone said I am glad she has gone.
Hello my name  Kelsey Thomson i am from papa smurf reading club member I would like to  recommend .


A picnic of poetry

A picnic of poetry book is a  great book for poetry lovers and it is a long book with all different sections of poetry  . the best part about this  story is the punkin pie song.