D&T Week!!!!

Today was an awesome day because we got to make mouth-watering sandwiches. AT the end of the session close to lunchtime we are going to give 4-5 teachers and ta's.They all look delicous and healthy.I hope the teachers like it very much as well as it looks.If we were grown up i bet we would be famous and rich and maybe own our own bakery.e5 bakehouse is the thing that inspired me to cook also there were bred (handmade),apple juice from kent and freshly made jam all of it was good.My question is why do they call it sandwich when its not made out of sand?D&T week is my favourite and in my opinion D&T week is the best!Fillings:cucumber,tuna.Spread:butter others salad cream and mayonaise.on wednesday morning we got to learn how to grate,cut,peel and spread.By the way my sandwich below is not quite good

Tuna,cucumber and lettuce sandwich.