I admit its very hard to blog much when you play your ipad or something like that.

SO im back with microsociety again( GET USED TO IT) which is kind of fun.

TODAY we will be looking at enterprises and other stuff.

basically a company.

one thing that you can do to make your business explode(not literally) is anylysing rival companies to find gaps then copy does gaps in to your company THEN YOUR ENTERPRISE WILL


so in NOTENUF captain Jeff ( not the name ) spotted a family trading with others. ( remember dealing scarcity) so seeds became the currency. ( OK NOW IM GOING TO NOTENUF WITH LOTS OF TOMATO SEEDS AND BUYING LOTS OF STUFF)

Unfortunately this blog has been shortened due to Ahil being sent to Mr Torres room and doing target work and forgeting what Mr Torres said. SO BYEEEEEE