How to make a sandwich.


2 bread slices of bread





and Carrots

1: Start by getting the two bread slices and get a knife or spoon and scoop the butter from its container.

2: Get a knife and a tomato and start slicing it. 4 tomato slices work but if u want you can add more now clean your knife and get a carrot start by dicing your carrots.

3: Get a pan and turn on the stove and get a pan then get an egg and crack it open and wait for 10 minutes.

4: once your egg is cooked start assembling your sandwich.

5: put the sandwich slices with butter on the cutting board and put lettuce on each sides put two slices of tomatoes on each side and put the egg on any of the do slices and put diced carrots on the egg.

6: Put the two slices of bread together and you have a delicious sandwich if you want you can pour a glass of apple juice.