Blood, Bones and Gory Bits

Esgyrn, Gwaed a Darnau Gwaedlyd.

This half term our Theme is 'Blood, Bones and Gory Bits.' We have begun by looking at the main organs in our body. We used the iPads and MacBooks to research and create an eBook encyclopedia, describing the functions of our organs. We were surprised to discover that the skin of an average adult has a surface area of over 21 square feet. How many of you would have thought this? What did you think was the largest organ?

During this investigative period, we also built our own 3D version of some of the main organs; y llygad, y calon, y penglog a'r ysgyfaint. Can you find out what these are?

Having engaged with this new theme, we then invited 'Techniquest' to Johnstown School to develop our understanding. First of all, Rhys consolidated our understanding of the main organs. Many of us volunteered to help demonstrate the difference between the small and large intestine with materials. We were then split into groups to undertake hands-on practical activities. These activities included  using our senses, the skeleton and using a microscope to discover what we can't see with the human eye.

Following on from this, we invited a local Doctor to school to explain the importance of the blood in our bodies. We learnt that we have three types of blood cells, the red cells carry oxygen and the white cells fight off infections. It is important to eat a balanced diet and follow a healthy lifestyle otherwise the fat from the foods we eat will go into our blood stream and will appear milky in colour. Also in our blood we have platelets which help clot the blood if we cut ourselves.

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Terrific Talents

9th June - Book Slam National Round &

PC Sharon visits Year 4

16th June - PC Sharon visits Year 6

18th June - Year 6 QEHS Show Rehearsal

19th June - Year 6 QEHS Show Rehearsal

24th & 25th June - Year Show at QEHS.

Mae Blwyddyn 3 yn llawn talent!

A number of our boys represent Johnstown Football club and have recently competed and won participating medals. Equally, rugby is a popular sport in our year group, with a number of children receiving medals at their clubs' presentation evenings.

Now that summer is eventually with us, Cricket has taken precedence. The Wanderers welcomes a plethora of Year 3 girls and boys. At the end of May, of our Year 3 pupils was chosen to represent the school in a Kwik Cricket competition. Da iawn ti!

A few pupils also attend Towy Riders, and have won medals for the club.

The above talents are to name but a few. We also have pupils who enjoy swimming, horse-riding, karate, ballet, playing instruments and performing on stage. One of our girls recently appeared in Chaos's production of the 'Wizard of Oz'

We not only have talented pupils in Year 3, Mr Iwan Williams was fantastic as the Scarecrow in the ' Wizard of Oz'. Da iawn Mr. Williams!

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Click on the links below to see our interactive book on the human body. Please note they are only accessible on a Apple Mac or iPad, as they have been made with Book Creator.

3M's ebook

3B's ebook