I am making a story!!

Here are the first few paragraphs

Mark and his brother Jimmy were scared for their lives. They asked Mark and Jimmy asked their mother if the tribe Oresphorne Emperors would attack them aswell. She always replied that since the Manda Snakes were their blacksmiths they wouldn't harm them. Inside she thought about how it all started.The power orb showing signs of how another tribe would overtake them and also how they would become the new leaders. They went crazy. The Oresphorne called all the soldiers to destroy all the tribes except the Manda Snakes... for now. "We will see how the orb reacts after destroying all the other tribes". Said the leader of them all."And if we go to battle with them we shall not harm them but capture them as our prisoners!"

It had been a year since the wars broke out. Corruption everywhere.Now these city's were crumbled. Not a single building dared to stand tall. All of these tribes had a special power. Unfortunately the Manda Snakes had none. All the other tribes lived in the luxury jungle where they were filled with happiness and wealth. And the Manda Snakes lived in a poor place, not a tent properly put up and that is how they liked it. This was bad for them as if they were prisoned no one could pay respects to the great idol. The great idol sweared that if they did not feed him they shall be sunk into a horrible nightmare.

Then Mark remembered that Jimmy had been the one supposed to feed the great idol . He asked Jimmy about it and he said he had no idea about what he was talking about. Mark announced to the others that this was a nightmare and that they could not die. They all cheered and were thrilled. When his mother heard that he was spreading this rumor she had to apologize to everyone who had been a part of this. She then had to explain it all to Mark that what he meant was a horrible nightmare... in reality. Mark really did not understand as he was pretty small still. Only 8 and his mother always called him special. he felt that he could do so much more if he got the chance to.