The Westbourne Chronicle

Issue 10



Teacher Profile

What is your name?

Mr Booth

Which class do you teach?


If you weren't a teacher what would you be?

Drama Therapist.

Where are you from?

Hampton in Middlesex.

What is your favourite holiday destination?


What are your hobbies?

Visiting restaurants and cycling.

Do you have any pets?

Yes, I originally had four fish, but now I have two fish called Max and Cheddar.

What do you like the best about teaching?

Seeing happy, smiley children.

What is your favourite subject?

Design and Technology.

What is your favourite sport?


Have you always been a teacher?


What did you study in University?

Teaching, Drama and Science.

What did you want to be when you were younger?  

I actually always wanted to be a teacher.

Nursery: Christmas Sing-a-Long

The cutest nursery children to date, performed some adorable Christmas songs to the rest of the school and (later that day) their delighted parents. The ecstatic performance was held on the  7th of December and was enjoyed by all viewers. They were loud and proud as they sung their favourite Christmas tunes. They even played musical instruments just as amazingly as they sung and they were applauded enthusiastically, much to their delight.

Reception: A Little Bird Told Me

The little, growing Reception children performed their fabulous shows on the 12th of December. They were just as exceptional as the nursery children when they performed ‘A Little Bird Told Me’, which is based on the traditional Christmas story. They sung confidently and a few brave children even had their own lines to perform to lots of joyful audience members! It was an inspiring show for the whole school and the children made their parents extremely proud of them. They sung their little socks off and spoke their lines like true performers.

KS1: Christmas with the Aliens

The Year Ones and Twos performed their hilarious and outstanding Christmas shows on the 13th and 14th of December. They spoke clearly and loudly as they acted, sung and even danced to jolly Christmas songs. Five brave children even had solos in some of the songs! This wonderful show was about an alien ship crashing to the ground and finding an ordinary human school. The aliens met some of the school children and they were shown the children's Christmas play about the nativity. The show was so good that it even kept the Receptions and the Nursery children quiet (apart from the laughing).

KS2: Carol Concerts

On the 10th and 11th of December, the KS2 children performed some of their favourite Christmas tunes to their friends and family. Even though it sometimes got hot and cramped on the stage, the children still managed to stay standing (mostly) and stay singing with voices like angels. Some courageous children even performed their own poems to the whole school and their parents. Also, some more children had solos in their year group song, and they were absolutely stunning. Overall, everyone was fabulous and performed an amazing show to get everyone in the Christmas mood. What was your favourite festive song to sing?

KS2: Red Riding Hood Production

The Junior dancers, actors and actresses performed an amazing modern day take on ‘Red Riding Hood’ with children performing solos, dancing and acting. Unfortunately, on the Tuesday night The Wolf was ill and an amazingly talented understudy had to step in. He went by the name of Dixon … Mr Dixon. Although Mr Dixon had to step in, the show was still as amazing - but extremely hilarious - and the children involved really enjoyed performing to their friends and family (the characters were mainly gang members or old people). The songs were modern, popular tunes with twists which were related to Red Riding Hood. The show was funny, including modern slang and modern technology. Thanks to our impressive staff of teachers, the play was fabulous and was performed exceptionally by the talented juniors.