Autumn 1 Homework

Maths and English homework is now set half termly and we would like the children to complete it and mark it online through J2homework.

The children will be set a range of Maths and English tasks and we ask that children complete the first 2 Maths and the first 2 English tasks as a minimum. However, we really encourage the children to complete as many as possible and an award will be given to any children that complete all of the Maths and English tasks set.

Details of how to do this are outlined on the next page. We have practised using J2homework at school but please contact me if you encounter any problems.

Topic Homework Options:

Maths and English Homework:

  • Find out about life as a child worker in factories and coal mines or as chimney sweeps and scullery maids. Write a ‘Day in the Life of a… ’ diary entry and add illustrations.
  • Find out about health and medicine in Victorian times, including ghastly and deadly diseases like typhoid, smallpox, influenza and cholera. It was pretty grim!
  • Research the Victorian Empire and create annotated maps showing the extent of British rule.
  • Research and create a fact file of a famous Victorian artist.
  • Design a Victorian themed menu. Think about the types of food they ate.
  • Create a J2E page outlining the new laws you would pass if you were Queen Victoria.
  • Research different types of transport Victorians used and compare to today.
  • Create a poster or J2e page on items we use now which were also used by Victorians.
  • Research Victorian toys and design and/or make it.
  • Read a non-fiction book about the Victorians.

Remember these are options. Choose 1 or more and email to me on the week commencing 2/11/2020.