This week in microsociety we did lots of fun things .

on monday we had to set up laws because the famlies without the upper hand started stealing from richer famalies instead of tradeing.

Week three.

On friday Mrs Cranfield came in and talked about how people find jobs.At first i thaught

that finding jobs for people is easy but later i found out it was harder.For example you have to get the people with the right jobs because if you chose randomly it could be like sending

a teacher to space. also they have to gat paid the wright amount of money.

we also did a test if you should work by yourself or not. the questions were like; do you do

do you do your homework if it's too hard ot do you do it. then you would countup your points and over 20 would mean you work by yoursefl but if you got less than 20 you would work with others.

One of the last thingswe did we picked who president,police,loyer ,banker and all

sorts of things.

By Piotr