Year 6 went on a residential trip to Dale Fort on the 1st March 2017. The trip was intended to give a hands-on experience to field work and it accomplished that. The activities included; small mammal trapping; building a hotel for bugs; a treasure hunt around Dale village; moth trapping; rock-pooling; environmental art; shelter building; and on the last day we built sculptures of sand on the beach and bought ice-cream. Before every activity we were given an introduction.

Day 1

We arrived by bus at the foot of the hill that Dale Fort was built on and went up the hill on foot. When we got to the center we were introduced to our rooms. The rooms held an en suite bathroom, two bunk-beds, two bed's and a desk. The activities that commenced on the first day included building a bug hotel, team strengthening skills, moth trapping and environmental art.

Day 2

On day two, we furthered are map skills by going on a treasure hunt around Dale village - we had to use map symbols to figure out where we were. After lunch we went rock-pooling at the pebble beach. We took a data sheet to work out which species of animal we found and a sheet to tick off the list of animals. Collectively, Year 6 found; a sea cucumber; two species of fish; breadcrumb sponge; bladder-wrack seaweed; channeled wrack seaweed; sugar kelp; edible, flat and rough periwinkle; barnacles; top-shell ; two species of sea anemone; and 4 crabs.

Day 3

On day three we went to another beach and because we were no longer on the trip we participated in no educational tasks, instead we built sand sculptures including; three volcanoes surrounded by a ring of water; a block of sand; a hole full of quicksand; a giant seahorse and a failed sandcastle.

After that we went back to school where are parents picked us up.

Year 6 - Dale Fort Residential Trip

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