Once there was a mermaid her name was Emma. Emma liked all sea creatures but she liked whales the most. she also liked killer whales on monbay she had to write a report about

killer whales. At home she looked

up lots about whales on sataday

Emma went to play with her friends the sea was buitifull to play in.

Emma told her friends that she wants to

see a killer whale. Her friends gasped in

amazement at Emma. "Emma" said Amy "why

would you want to see a killer

whale? They're too dangerous to see

anyway one of our rules is not to

disturb animals. But Emma was determined to see one. In the night Emma went to see if

she could see a killer whale but she didn't

see one and then a storm came. The storm

carried poor Emma away but a killer whale rescued Emma and the whale became friends. Emma named the whale Fluffy. One terrible day Fluffy was captured by the mermaids all of my friends thought it was not fair. I swam over to Amy was shouting its not fair! Amy I said I thought you didn't like killer whales I now said Amy but when I hard that story I thought maybe I shoud helped you. Lets stop them yes Emma

shouted Emma stood on the

water and said we don't need

to hart this whale and then ever mermaid put down there wepens and said long my he live and thy put every thing down and let the killer whale go one over day I sore Fluffy and I will never forget him never ever and. maybe you'll see him to if you look hard enough into the water.


the end