Summer Term 2016 Curriculum Information Year 5

ENGLISH: Our learning will centre on a Science theme, Lifecycles, followed by a History theme, King Richard III. Our trips will bring together several aspects of our studies. We will be covering these text types: Poetry, Explanations, Historical Non-fiction & Play scripts. Our English work will link with our Geography topic about Rivers and with our local History Project about King Richard III. We will also be doing a project based on a Shakespeare Play to link with the celebration of his 400th birthday.

MATHS: Negative numbers, using thermometers, multiplication and division and solving problems with brackets, fractions, decimals and percentages, symmetry, co-ordinates, finding the mean, median and mode. We will be using and applying all our maths knowledge and skills by solving word problems. We will continue to have regular mental maths tests and times tables practise sessions.

SCIENCE: Biology: Life cycles of insects, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and humans, habitats around water; linking with our ‘Changes’ topic.

HISTORY/GEOGRAPHY - KING RICHARD III: This will be focused around a visit to the Bosworth Battlefield Centre. We will study maps of the battlefield area and the story of ‘The King in the Car Park’. We will also consider the different ways the character of Richard III is portrayed through history. GEOGRAPHY:Journey of a river.

ICT:Using Scratch to write simple computer programmes; blogging

RE: Investigate the significance of religion in the local, national and global communities, including poverty and justice

ART: Watercolour and collage techniques to create a setting and characters for A Midsummer Night’s Dream; river-scapes/models.

MUSIC/DANCE: Journey of a river

FRENCH:Describe habitats of plants and animals.

PE: Cricket coaching, athletics, rounders, sports day