The Fire Elemental kingdom


The Earth Elemental Empire

Colma points:61

Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was an Empire of Earth and it had 1 enemy, the Fire kingdom...!!!

One day Colma woke up to the sun. Which made him a bit happier because today he knew that if he failed or got something he could die, today was the clash of Kingdoms and he new the army needed the VERY best of people to win this. Colma was pretty sure he wasn't going to get to the trials because his Mum wasn't that keen on him going to the army at all. But somehow he managed to sneak out the house with out his mum noticing him but as you can see he's pretty amazed for his mum had a good sense of smell. As he ran toward the army training camp he started thinking about his choice he'd just made and started to think "I'm going to help us get our right full land back!" he thought cheerfully (in his head) of course! When he got there he got even happier because he remembered that he had done the course to qualify for the summer Olympic games in Australia(we're in Spain at the moment the war will be in Cyprus because fires don't spread quickly there and the warriors can dig underground)

When Colma started training he started getting less happier because of one extra thing...the pole vault,

1.Because he can't jump that high

2. And he's small

And 3. he's always failed at the pole vault(you get 20 points for passing the pole vault and 5 for all the others)(the high jump, Olympic sprint and the javelin throw)

Chapter 2

After all the training,all the students were called in.Then they got handed a sheet to show them how they had done and the top 10,000 were in the war.

Smokey points: 58