The Westbourne Chronicle

Issue 13


What is your name?

Mrs Bolton

What class do you teach? Trent Class

If you weren’t a teacher what would you be? Anything to do with dance (but definitely not ballet).

Where are you originally from?

All the way from Chessington.

What is your favourite holiday destination? Anywhere hot… and sunny… with my own private pool

What are your hobbies? Going to see musicals and watching box sets. I love shopping and I like swimming.

Do you have any pets?

No, it’s only me and my husband.

What do you like best about teaching?

The children being happy and smiley and seeing their successes.

Favourite subject?


Favourite sport?

Swimming, dance and cycling.

Have you always been a teacher?

Oh yes!

What did you study in university?

Education and psychology.

What did you want to be when you were younger? Always wanted to be a teacher. Always.

Finally, Westbourne Primary School has found a new headteacher! After Miss Ritchie left, it was quite challenging to find a new headteacher, so Mr Miracapillo cared for us as Acting Headteacher. There were three candidates competing against each other and the School Council had the difficult job of interviewing them. The Council asked different questions ranging from easy to difficult. To begin with, they asked them questions about themselves then they moved on to questions about the school. All of the candidates answered brilliantly but their interrogation was not over. The candidates spent one hour with the governors in which they showed the governors a presentation. They must’ve been very nervous! After some careful consideration, Mr Miracapillo was chosen to be our new headteacher. Congratulations!



By Emily, Isabella, Sabrin and Selena .

A book fair was held in the New Hall on the 19th and 20th of March. This book fair was a little different because children could bring their own second hand books to sell. Also, there were lots of fun, educational and exciting books to purchase from the fair. If you donated any books, thank you very much. We appreciate your donation.

Children and adults, all over the UK, wore red on the 15th of March to raise money for Comic Relief - a charity that helps poor people receive schooling and a better lifestyle. Westbourne decided to participate by bringing in £1, wearing red clothes, or dressing up as someone inspirational. Costumes included: Snufflekins, Nosediva, Honkus Ponkus,  The Gnose, Hairy Nostroll, Conk Jester, Wolfnose, Schnoz III, the Abominable Snoseman, the rare Hoppy Hooter, and the ultra-rare Transforminos. Some people were dressed as doctors, parents and one person even dressed as Charlie Chaplin! Overall we managed to raise £442!

On the 14th and 18th of March, the Year 3’s took a fun-filled trip to the British Museum! They studied some mummified bodies, and even some un-mummified bodies! They also found some interesting statues and saw all sorts of Egyptian artifacts that they been wanting to see since they had learnt about Egyptians in their classrooms. Finally they got to visit the gift shop! The children bought all sorts of things, such as bangles, necklaces, cups, lip balms, rulers and even flutes! It was a terrific trip and the children represented the school brilliantly.

For the next few weeks we will be holding a joke competition. The funniest joke will win and the winner will be announced in assembly after the Easter holidays. Jokes need to be hilarious but not rude!