Thoughts for the Week

W/B Monday 29th November



Advent is the period which leads up to Christmas.

It starts on the Sunday nearest to November 30th.

Many Advent customs involve counting the days

until Christmas begins.

Some churches have an advent wreath with five

candles, one for each of the four Sundays leading

up to Christmas Day and one for the day itself.


Do you do anything special to

celebrate Advent?

This week we are thinking about Advent

Do you have a special calendar?

What does your calendar have on it?

What have you learned about Advent?

What do the four candles represent?

When is the fifth candle lit?

With your class watch the video of

the Christmas Advent story.

Click on the star to see it

Have you got a Christmas Tree yet?

Will you be decorating your house as

you prepare for Christmas?