The White Castle

Like many princess stories,this one starts with an ordinary girl. No wealth, no prince charming, just an ordinary girl.Her name was Elena It had struck midnight right before her birthday. Hearing the town clock strike midnight, she began rolling around in her bed. She woke up. When she stepped off her bed, she stumbles to find her slipper but instead stood in a pile of leaves. Where had her house gone?! She felt crafty. She felt in need to make something new. Something that has never been done before. In the moment of the thought, she woke up in a broad hall of marble. She was in silk pj's. Her family have never had enough to buy food. Neither scraps of equipment and now she had a white castle!? Was this a dream? It must've been a peculiar one for her to be rich. She had a crown. Was she now Princess Elena? I guess so. She woke up. Panting. It was all a dream.