Week Beginning 22nd February Home Learning


This home learning is designed to be completed over the course of the

week. Take a look below and each day try to complete:

  1. A Maths task
  2. An English task
  3. Either Science, Topic, P.E or R.E

Ask your parents to take photographs of your work and email them to us once during the week.

Monday: Make a 'Wanted' poster for the Giant in Jack and the Beanstalk.

Tuesday: Continue with your diary entry from Tuesday's Teams meet.

Wednesday: Complete your diary entry and practice reading aloud ready for today's Teams meet at 11:30.

Thursday: Complete a reading comprehension on Read Theory and/or complete the Twinkl

Charlie the Firefighter reading comprehension. Click on the Twinkl Go link. The child login pin code has been emailed out.

Friday: Complete the spelling word search and handwriting sheet ready for our test at 11:30.

Monday: Complete the Telling the Time worksheet, which follows on from today's lesson.

Tuesday: Complete the Rising Stars activities on page 4 and 5 of this blog.

Wednesday: Fill in the empty clock timetable worksheets with your typical day.

Thursday: Choose a level (developing, expected or greater depth) and complete the

Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving Classroom Secrets worksheets on Quarter Past and

Quarter to.

Friday: Complete a column off the White Rose worksheet on page 6 of this blog.




Task: Locate the Amazon rainforest on a map.

Task: Watch the clip to find out more about the

the amazon. Click here ------------------------------------------------>

Task: Make an information page about the Amazon Rainforest.

Task: Have a go at drawing a rainforest scene. Click here -------->

Our Science Topic this half term is Plants.

The focus for this week is recapping different parts of a plant.

Task: Click on Ivy's Plant Shop to learn about the different

parts of a plant.

Task: Read Introduction to Plants PowerPoint.

Task: Complete Flowering Plants Observation Activity sheet.

Our topic for

this half

term is

"Scented Garden".