Our topics are:- Seaside; People Who Help Us In School; Autumn; Stickman and Christmas. Within these topics we will be developing different aspects in the 7 areas of learning

Reception Curriculum Coverage Autumn 2015


•To play with other children in games and role play

•Showing concern for other children

•Taking care of own hygiene needs

Communication and Language

•Communicating feelings and needs

•Listening to others

•Beginning to join in with stories – repeated phrases

•Increasing attention skills

•Retell events in the correct order – home events, school events, stories

Physical Development

•Following rules in PE

•Moving in a variety of ways

•Beginning to use a range of equipment safely

•Using gross motor skills and fine motor skills


•Beginning to write own name by overwriting or copying, then from memory

•Beginning to segment and blend simple words e.g. c-a-t, d-o-g for reading and writing

•Know the sounds of the letters of the alphabet for reading and writing


•Counting forwards and backwards to 10 and beyond

•Finding one more /less

•Adding two groups of objects together using single digits

•Naming and describing 2D shapes

•Comparing 2 or 3 objects by size or weight

Understanding the World

•Using senses to find out about the world

•ICT – To practise using a mouse

•Singing new songs

•Different festivals people celebrate

•Christmas performance

Expressive Art and Design

•Using a range of different tools

•Exploring colour and changes to colour

•Mixing different colours

•Painting own pictures

•Exploring a range of mediums


Harvest display at Mayflower Church

Evington Park

Visit to Mosque