Finally, the day had arrived; the day which I had frenzied over since I was told that today... I will be travelling to The Cagey Farm. The cagey farm is a farm of unsolved mysteries. Many conspiracy theories surrounded it. I have always been fascinated by that farm, and I am absolutely thrilled that I have been given this once in a lifetime opportunity to be the one that solved the puzzling mysteries of The Cagey Farm!... However, Sean's visit will not be as pleasant as planned...

           Sean was an innocent young boy, a na├»ve boy. He had dark brown hair, shaved at the sides, with a face covered in freckles, surrounding green eyes and a perky nose. He wore glasses which made him look intelligent, he was intelligent. Despite his age, Sean was a world renound detective.

When Sean had arrived at the farm, the once sunny day suddenly became cold and misty with no sun in sight! A figure appeared out of the fog. Sean gulped in terror. Shaking all over, Sean yelled "H-H-H-Hi!!". The figure grew closer. Sean shut his eyes at the sight of the silhouette. Every footstep sent shivers down his spine. It wasn't a time to stand and stare; it was a time to run; but he couldn't run; he couldn't even breathe! Just a few more seconds until his untimely demise. Clack, clack, clack , Clack, Clack CLACK CLACK CLACK!! CLACK!!...

"Howdy-ho!" Sean jumped in fear.

Opening his eyes expecting to see a jolly ghost wanting to eat his eyeballs, he saw a girl slightly older than Sean, with bright but short blonde hair and one plat the back, shaded by a large sunhat tightened by a black ribbon. She wore a black polo shirt with denim overalls, complemented by her sea blue eyes, winged with mascara.

"Oh, Hi! My name is..." Sean was interrupted by the girl

" is Sean Butterbach! I am like your biggest fan! I have always wondered when you will visit us at The cagey farm... Oh! How rude of me, I forgot to introduce myself, My name is Harley, I am the owner of the farm, this position was given to me by my mother, who sadly passed away when I was a baby, She was the past owner..." Harley blabbered.

"Oh, I am sorry... do you need some time?" Sean asked.

" Oh no, not at all! It isn't like you murdered her! Ha-ha!" Harley giggled hilariously.

"So, you want to know somethin' bout this farm, eh? Okay, ehem! So, at a certain time on a certain day, you can see a lime-green sheep with no limbs levitating slightly above the ground. Well, that is a pretty thought for you to ponder about while you sleep tonight, your bedroom is in the barn over there, night!"

Sean paced to the barn and found his way to his bed. Soon he grew tired, so to stay awake he grabbed a book from his suitcase and found himself reading the same line over, and over, and over, and over again, before dosing off into the land of nod...

after falling asleep, Sean felt strange. He couldn't gather the energy to open his eyes. The bed was bumpy, it felt like a stone was digging into his back.

"Wait a minute... Ah!" yelled Sean. He had realised that the bed didn't feel like gravel because it was cheap, but because he was actually lying on gravel! Sean jumped up, he was outside the barn. He could hear roars of lions, so he turned around, not to see a herd of lions, but to see a sheep devouring it's prey, however, not grass; not crops; but another sheep. The corpse's limbs were removed. The sheep's bloody face turned towards Sean. Without time to think, Sean bolted to the barn doors.

"Drat" They were locked... He screamed and banged on the doors non-stop until he received a reply. The door burst open, Sean fell in. Sean gazed around the room, eventually catching sight of a young lady, almost identical to Harley.

"Howdy! I am the owner of this farm!" she said. It was obvious now.

" What is a youngster like you doing here on the night of the lone sheep?" She asked, leaning towards him.

"Umm, The night of the lone sheep?".

"Okay, basically, every 13th of January at 10:00 PM, a carnivorous sheep will appear" The woman explained. The barn door began to crack, every now and then the barn would shake. The owner pulled Sean out of the window, cushioned by the corpses of the sheep's enemies. In relief, Sean sighed. Silently, they nervously tiptoed away from the barn and into the pig stein- Which had no pigs.

It was quiet... Too quiet, the owner and Sean climbed out of the stein. They were scared of their own shadows. A heavenly sound filled the ears of the owner and Sean, Luring them into the barn. It sounded like the delicate serenades of an angel. Suddenly, A beam of light shone into they're eyes, as the light faded, a silhouette stood on the carnivore sheep. As their sight adjusted, the silhouette transformed into an angel.

"Greetings! Thankfully, this night of pain and suffering has ended. The disease which we call evil has been eradicated... For now... As you know, heroes always get remembered, but legends never die..."

The angel ascended into the sky, before getting swallowed in a foggy mist. The pair gazed down, however... the sheep had disappeared. gallop gallop gallop Gallop Gallop GALLOP GALLOP GALLOP!! GALLOP!! GALLOP!! Sean span around to see his worst nightmare... His own death. The sheep charged fiercely into Sean's stomach.

Ha! Fooled you! Sean is the main character, he can't die! Anyway... Moving on... ehem, Sean opened his eyes. He pulled himself out of his bed. His stomach felt like it would have fallen out at any moment. However, it looked fine! Could it all have been a dream?

Hiding sheepishly