So today we did trading again with other people. We started to set up our stuff we where going to sell. We started to sell like blue tack slime and marbles and loombands bookmarks and a game as soon as I brang the marbles loads of people came so one person went and advertised the marbles the small ones were 2AC and the large ones were 3AC but the big ones got soled out very quick. Some people lost there money so one person came and joined out job because he didn't have a job and he losts it so he join our group we also fired some one else because we had to much people and we didn't really need that much people and we already have loads of people in our job which is good but we don't want loads of people other wise the money we earn we have to share it with loads of people so we prefer a bit of people so we don't have to give out loads of money. The marbles are selling really good and the blue tack slime is selling really good.