On Saturday February 14th at 9:30pm, Mrs Bond and Mr Hughes, two Year 5 teachers from Johnstown Primary School embarked on their extremely long journey from wet and dreary Carmarthen to the sunny climbs of landlocked Lesotho. They were funded by the charitable organisation Dolen Cymru, to link Johnstown Primary School and St. Peters' School Mokhotlong. They visited St. Peter's School to help teachers improve their teaching skills and to improve children's knowledge.

Mrs Bond and Mr Hughes travelled to Heathrow airport in London. They then travelled on an aeroplane to Johannesburg, South Africa and jumped into a minibus and drove to Maseru, the capital of Lesotho. After hopping onto a different minibus, they travelled to Mokhotlong. It took the two teachers 52 hours and 30 minutes to travel there!

They visited St. Peter's Primary and also St. James' High School for the Year 5 theme 'What a Wonderful World'. Mr Hughes taught sport and ball skills to one class, while Mrs. Bond taught the Welsh Alphabet and read stories with expression and action to another class.

Both teachers thought that St Peter's School and Johnstown school are the same in some ways but totally different in other ways. For example, in Johnstown, the pupils use pencils and pens to write in their books, and so do the learners in St. Peter's. The largest class in Johnstown School holds thirty one children and the largest class in St. Peter's has a breathtaking 136 students!

Mrs Bond said that the children would say sir or ma'am after everything they said, as this was their way of showing respect.

Both teachers loved the journey and Y5 have enjoyed learning about Lesotho!

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Year 5 is full of talented pupils!

James Adams Phillips was 1st in the Urdd Computer Graphics competition.

During the Urdd National Swimming finals, Max Elkin, a talented Y5 swimmer, was 3rd in the 50 metre Butterfly Stroke and was 2nd in the 100 metres Individual Medley. Well done to Sophie Spragg who represented the girls in the Individual Medley.

Good luck to all six Y5 pupils who have just taken clarinet and flute Grade 1 exams.

Five year 5 girls represented school in the Urdd Disco Dance competition on March 4th St Peter's

Civic Hall. They made Miss Harries proud!

Thank you to all Y5 pupils who took part

in the Three Counties Cross Country.

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Two Terrific Teachers take a trip to Lesotho!