At school we started on to our next step to microsociety,we talked about currency and currency from the world.

In our class Mr williams brought in some money from all around the the world seeing what feartures they had.Than after we create our own money but before that we gotta have a name.

Our class had lots of choices my table Uranus thought we would name it Zolos one of them was oof.The name that most of the class picked was solar stars H.R.G created this name so it could match our whole theme of space.

Through the dicussion about money Mr williams handed us peices of paper named in objest we know e.g shells,gold,a cow,diomonds and cions.

Mr Williams explaind if we get to choose what money would be instead witch one of the e.g would it be my table thought of it and just thought it would be coins-some thought cow.


We started to create our money what the main parts of putting in the money was...

.A center peice someone inportant perhaps or a sighn or building.

.special stamps or lettering or numbers to make it harder to duplicate from all the counter fit things

.the value e.g £50,£20,£10 and £5.

.desighn in the souroundings

.also a quate

I am very happy that my desighn was our new class money everyones was creative and more detailed than mine.