Describe what Dorothy saw

When Dorothy opened the door this is what she saw. A strong wind was blowing near her

house. She saw the tall corn shredded from the fields. It was a cyclone that came much

closer to their house. Everyone was frightened even Toto the dog. It hides under the

hid (past tense)

bed. Dorothy, auntie Em, uncle Henry and Toto decided to ran to the dark cellar. She quickly run (because you have 'decided to')

opened the black door and climbed down the wooden ladder. But the wind blew too high


and shook the house hard. The wind whirled the house rounded for three times and it slowly (round)

lifted up to the sky like a balloon. The house was hitted by a hurricane. The cyclone

(hit - the past of hit is hit as well)

unfortunately ruined everything from the house. What a strange scene it was!