The day finally arrived when my mum, my dog Many, who's very energetic, and I went to Antarctica.

Unfortunately, the plane was delayed for over an HOUR!! and Many started to get restless,so it was really

difficult to keep him under control.

The plane finally arrived which felt like a whole day, we struggled to the plane dragging many across the

floor because he wouldn't wake up. we struggled onto the plane and sat down, i sat many on my lap stroking

his back. after about 10 hours the pilot warned us that we were about to crash and to get as much protection

as possible, during the latter part of the journey the plane started to shudder and the lights stared to dim.

I felt the force of the plane falling to the ground...suddenly...i blacked out. once i woke up, before me lay

a gentle ice plain sloping away from the shore some miles away, beyond the icy plain is a hill topped with snow

as white as paper and the plane was no where in site ''where's the plane?''. I walked around like a rat in the dark looking for mum I then saw something big in the distance. I walked towards it anxiously...IT WAS THE PLANE!!!. Loudly, I called for some one to come out or show a sign they were a live, then a figure; a human figure, a figure that showed me there

was sign of life. IT WAS MUM!!!.

'where's Many?'' she nodded her head in shame. We ran around looking for him hoping he would come back unharmed,

but we had no luck at all. We found a cave as shiny as the sun shining in the moonlight, but the cave was too dark to go

inside. Then, suddenly I heard a bark, which was definitely Many. We ran every where shouting out his name. We

ran around like a dog chasing a cat FRANCTICALLY looking. Suddenly I felt fur brush against my legs. I looked

down hoping it was Many, and sure enough it was- he was whimpering like mad so I had to carry him whilst

stroking his back.

Every time I stopped stroking him he would bark so i had to stroke him non-stop, i suddenly felt a loud vibration in my pocket. i took it out my pocket curiously it was my phone! i used the flashlight to go in the cave, the cave

was wet with slugs in each corner, but well have to cope with this for a night. next morning there were a few

slugs on me. but i suddenly heard a loud roaring sound i shoved the slugs of me and woke up mum, i had to

carry many out because he wouldn't wake up.

Slowly but confidently, we walked towards the sound, i couldn't believe my eyes IT WAS ANOTHER PLANE. but i struggled to move my feet they were num they were wet but it was no time to stand around and stare i forced myself to the plane .and manny jumped onto my lap and. we were safe. one thing though im never going on a plane ever again.we didnt go on holiday, instead we just home like it was a weekend.