Hi there and welcome to Perranporth's Stars and Celebrations of the week...


St. Piran






Other Celebrations...

Izzy stevens for always showing Roko Resilience and Ally Ants Reciprocity, especially in her last week at Perranporth - good luck in your new school.

Alfie MCCarthy for showing Roko Resilience and Justine Beaver Resourcefulness to catch up with our learning from last week!

Aidan Gerty for making positive

comments and encouraging his friends in their learning.

Bill Hammonds for Roko Resilience in maths.

Maddison Barkle for Ally Ants Collaboration in all learning!

Mekhi Rivers-Halford for Roko Resilience to achieve the 33 club in maths.

Alex Day for fantastic character description.

Rose Cheeseman for Roko Resilience to make the 33 club in maths.

Jules Legrand for Roko Resilience in the 33 club -well done!

Anabel Salmon, Tyler Wood and Martha Holmes for being helpful, polite and focused in class.

Ollie Critchley for settling back into learning quickly and showing excellent focuss.

Miles Bunday for excellent improvements in writing and maths!

Well done to all our successful 'Mathletes' and 99 clubbers this week!

Zara and Ciara for their brilliant performances in the rugby festival!

Ollie Critchley for his excellent football trophy - most improved player of the season!

Connor Wood for his great football medal!

Maisie Tutt for her great triathlon performance in Bodmin! Well done!

Aidan (backstroke and front crawl) and Lucas Skinner (56 lengths!!! Wow!!)for their swimming certificates!

Jasmine Sewell for her university certificate for singing!

Jack Cheeseman for his Blue Peter badge, for his television show review!!