Our class has been learning about micro society so last week we went to Kidzania. Kidzania is a pretend city run by kids where you can do fun jobs and get paid with Kidzania money called kidzos. Sometimes you don't always get paid, you have to pay them to do the activity just like real life but everything is pretend there. We got to do lots of fun jobs like being a Doctor, Fireman and I got to make a burger at Gourmet Burger Kitchen. The burger kitchen was the first place I went to because I had heard soo much about it and so the first thing I had to do was to go and make a burger. It was very delicious. I had it for my lunch. I also went to work at the radio station. I read the travel news script and at the end, I got a radio badge as well. I got an energy master badge at the energy station where I worked. I pumped a tyre and made fuel. We were paid 8 kidzos for each job. I was very excited to come here and I would love to return to deposit my kidzos into the bank. I started with fifty kidzos and I made twenty four kidzos more as my salary. I did not get to deposit my money in the bank because it was time to go home. I had some real money which I used to buy a bouncy putty for my little brother and my mother got a fridge magnet. The place where I could spend my kidzos, the things there were not interesting so I did not buy anything. Next time do not go to the souvenir shop and rather spend it on the experiences. Although it was a rainy day, I had an amazing day! here are some awesome pictures of me.

Fun at Kidzania