Penhaligon Newsletter 5.2.16

Dear Parent/Carer

This week:

In literacy the children have written diary accounts from the view of poor Victorian children. The extracts from miners, road sweepers,flower sellers and mill and factory workers include the daily challenges and struggles that children from these times faced. The diary accounts were gruesomely brilliant! The children have also edited and improved pieces ofwriting to achieve our class and personal targets. In maths the children havebeen using standard and non-standard units of measurement to weigh everydayobjects.

In art the children have demonstrated some fantastic technical drawing of insects (technical drawing was only for boys during the Victorian times). In computing we haveused websites to research information about the life of Queen Victoria. Inhistory we have used sources to find out more about the life during theVictorian era.

Stars of the Week:

Mekhi – for his improved attitude tohis learning. He has exerted himself when listening to instructions.

Ruby- for her improved concentration,particularly in literacy.

That’s it for this week. Have alovely weekend. Take care.

Matt Howes