Penhaligon Newsletter 26.02.16

Dear Parent/Carer

This week:

The children have enjoyed reading arange of texts about ‘Town Mouse, Country

Mouse’ which has set them up well forthis half-term’s topic. In maths the children

have revised how to add using number lines and have also applied their knowledge

of fractions to finding fractions of amounts. The children have worked on finding ½,

¼ and 1/3 of amounts.

On Wednesday we enjoyed a visit from our class governor ‘Helen Goodey,’ who

was impressed by the class’ approach to their learning and their brilliant behaviour.

The children thoroughly Helen’s visit and were very proud to share their

achievements with her. It was a joy to hear the children talking so proudly about

their learning.

Home Learning:

A reminder that home learning is compulsory and is due in on Wednesdays. This

week’s home learning is a consolidation of fractions and nouns.

Stars of the Week:


Merryn has completed half a year without dropping a single mark in her spelling tests. This is a fantastic achievement! Well done.

Water Bottles:

Children must have their own labelled water bottle in school.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy your weekend.

Matt Howes