Microsociety Blog 5 - Democracy and Trading!

This week we have been looking at democracy and deciding if our society would be democracy (which means everyone votes and has a say).

We have started trading, it has been really fun but we have run into some issues on the way, like when people have bought stuff they have left their packet of money somewhere!

This week with my newsagent group we have been looking at our profit/income and our loss - luckily we didn't have any loss because all of the expenses covering import tax and table space, we have earned all of that money back and had leftovers!

As usual I have really enjoyed microsociety this week!

Though there is one more thing I have to tell you - what my business is, me and my group are a newsagents, store, we sell, newspapers, books, pencils, mirrors, we do massages and from next week will be doing slime!