My Dad and I [my Mum helped a bit too] did the Great Garden Birdwatch on Sunday 31st January.

The Birdwatch is meant to see what birds are

increasing and decreasing and where the types of birds typically live. Also it's for counting the population of different species, hence the other name of the RSPB Bird Count. RSPB stands for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. It is a charity that was founded on the year 1889. It started with the name SPB and was against [in the late Victorian era] the feathers that women wore in their hats. These feathers consisted of the Egret bird [a type of heron] and the birds of Paradise [Family of Paradisaeidie]. It was founded by Emily Williamson in her home in Manchester, 1889.


Bird of paradise.



This bar chart represents the birds we saw during the 60 minutes of the birdwatch. We have seen more birds after this though, and I will be sharing some pictures that I've taken with my tripod, binoculars and phone on the following pages.