The Romans were brilliant engineers.They took existing ideas and made them better!

Some were more useful than others but were still good.We even use some today but some over the years are not in use anymore.


The Roman Empire was so large that it was hard for the people in control to find out what was happening everywhere.They were the first group of people to write down things that where happening and give them out for people to read.The first one was called Acta Diurna which means daily events.


They also invented concrete.This helped them to make larger solid buildings inculdinding the colosseum. The concrete they made was better and more nature friendly than the concrete we use and make today.


Back in the Roman time they needed lots of water for baths for toilets and to drink.They build aqueducts to carry the water from streams rivers and lakes to where it was needed.They used gravity to move the mass amounts of water along it.The first ones were build in 312BC. Many can still be seen today because how strong they were.