At Sandfields Primary School we are proud of the support that we offer for our learners with Additional Learning Needs. We feel that all learners within the school are supported well, and that we have positive working relationships with learners and their families, as well as other individuals and organisations that work with the young person. We feel that the support, guidance and interventions that we offer is tailored to meet the needs of each learner individually, and that this support is monitored and adapted in a pupil-centred way.

Additional Learning Needs legislation in Wales is changing, and this is known as the Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal (Wales) Reform. At Sandfields Primary School, we are working hard to prepare for these changes, and are looking forward to the additional support that this will bring for our learners with additional learning needs.

The law is changing for several reasons:

  • The child or young person’s needs might be found too late
  • The support might be provided to the young person too late
  • The young person and their parents/carers might not be involved enough in planning
  • The current system can be complicated to understand
  • The law only currently covers children and young people up to the age of 19


The new legislation for ALN will bring about several main changes for ALN. It:

  • Brings together all current systems into a new, single system for ALN
  • Is pupil centred, where young people and their parents are completely involved in decision making
  • Provides learners with the same type of statutory plan (Individual Development Plan or IDP), irrespective of age or setting
  • Improves transition between settings
  • Allows further Welsh language provision
  • Is a fair and transparent system for all.
  • A video to explain the changes that are coming into place for those learners with additional learning needs can be found by clicking the link. 


  • On this page you will also find links to help sheets and further information about how the changes will affect learners and their families (available in English and Welsh), however if you require any further information about the changes then we welcome you to contact us. You can contact us at the school and asking to speak to the Additional Learning Needs Coordinator, Mr. Craig Jones or the HeadTeacher, Mrs Shirley Davies


In addition to the information that you can get from us at school and from the local authority, SNAP Cymru are an independent advocacy group where you might be able to find information if you require this. Information can be found at 


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SNAP Cymru provides information, advice and support for parents, children and young people who have, or may have, special educational needs or disabilities