Urdd City Sleepover Special

On Monday 11th January 59 pupils from Year 5 and 6 in Johnstown Primary School went on the Urdd City sleepover in Cardiff Bay.

On the Monday, we went to 'Big Pit' in Blaenavon to explore the mine. Later that night we went to watch 'Snoopy and Charlie Brown', the Peanuts Movie.

The next day we travelled into the city on a water bus to get to the Millenium Stadium (Principality Stadium) for a tour. We were all very excited.

Later that day, we went to Cardiff Natural History museum, once we did that we caught a bendy bus back to our hostel. In the evening we went bowling.

On the Wednesday we went to Cardiff Castle.

It was the best Urdd school trip EVER!!!

On the way to the Urdd Cardiff sleepover, the urdd members went to the Big Pit. It was a coal mine that has operated since WW2. We all walked up the hill to the original miners canteen. When we got there we walked in and came across the miners original lockers and showers. There were facts on the lockers about them.

After that, we pulled a Dram with fake coal in it-it was very heavy. We explored the mine's museum and looked at clothes and artefacts from miners back in the Victorian Times.

We couldn't go down the actual mine because of the weather and there was maintenance work going on in the mine. But we had a simulation of going into the mine-it was dark and narrow. Can you believe they have stables there for the horses that lived in the mines every day!

Finally, we went down the hill to go to the gift shop.

The Big Pit

Fabulous Film

On the Monday night, we went to cinema in the Dragon Center to watch:

Charlie Brown and Snoopy

The Peanuts Movie

Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus and the rest of the beloved "Peanuts" gang make their big-screen debut, like you have never seen before.

We all really enjoyed the film and throughly recommend it as a film for all our Johnstown families to enjoy too.